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Welcome to the New MHJ Webpage!!

December 2014

Where do we begin? First of all…..welcome to the new and improved Madd Hoss Jackson webpage!! In an effort to keep all of our fans informed on all things Madd Hoss, we got together with our good friend Kenny Yu of Netmonk Creative Design (who designed our album artwork) and asked him to give us a sharp looking webpage and he’s done it!! Thanks Kenny! We hope all the new content will keep everyone wanting more.


Anyway, we would like to give you some updates…… First of all, the new album is doing very well and receiving positive reviews from all over the country. We actually began working with an independent radio promotions representative in Nashville in an effort to find out how the album would do in areas of the country that are as of yet unfamiliar with Madd Hoss Jackson. The reviews have been 100% positive and the album is literally being played from coast to coast! This will bode well for us with all the people we’re meeting.


In October we played for the first time at The Dawg House Saloon in Nashville. We had bad luck with the weather (severe thunderstorms and tornadoes all around Nashville that day) so some of the movers and shakers looking at us were reluctant to leave their home and families which of course we completely understand. But, we hit it off BIG time with the staff and management at The Dawg House. We literally have found a home in Nashville where we can play as often as we want. That’s hard to do in that town. Nick Bennett the manager was kind enough to pen us a very flattering review that was sent to all the industry people who missed our show and we’re getting requests to play again so they can come see us. That’s awesome! We’ll let everyone know when we set the next date.


Also in October our agency, Variety Attractions, asked if we wanted to move into some new areas and of course we said yes. Variety has been booking us all over Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, and Wisconsin for several years now and this January we will be showcasing in Indianapolis, IN and Minneapolis, MN for their state’s annual county fair conventions! That will put us in 7 states next year. ROAD TRIP!


We have a great winter coming up and we are excited we are finally breaking into the St. Louis area at Maggie Malones in Wentzville, MO and the Kansas City area at The Cross-eyed Cricket in Warrensburg, MO. Also, don’t forget to join us at Bootlegger’s in the Lake of the Ozarks for New Year’s Eve! It’ll be cold for awhile but it’ll be fun!


That’s the bulk of the big news right now but we’re having conversations with some pretty important people and being considered for some pretty big opportunities so stay tuned!


Madd Hoss Jackson  


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