Prior to the creation of Madd Hoss in 1995, each member had history playing with guys who had played for bands focused on being just country or just rock. When they came together, the desire to have a variety band  that was fun, energetic and didn’t ever sound like a rock band trying to play country or a country band playing rock turned into reality. The model worked immediately and the variety has gotten more and more diverse as the years have passed.

The line up includes Jim Jennings on drums and vocals; Matt Bullard with guitars and vocals; Andy Ham with guitars, vocals and fiddle; and Mark Behymer on bass guitar, keys and vocals. We have two technicians, Tim Wachter and Trevor Mitchell, and two drivers, Roger and Justin Wilson.

After years of hard work, MHJ has created a relationship with Variety Attractions out of Zanesville Ohio who book Madd Hoss all over the U.S. They perform in several showcases and play at fairs and festivals all over the Midwest. The band has spent the last few months in the studio creating their first album, “Three Weeks” that will be releasing in October 2013. Every day, they are writing songs for the new album; every weekend playing for all of the loyal fans. Check out the news page for the latest updates and releases!

What’s in a name?

People often ask how we came up with our band’s name. Jim Jennings owned a music store and had a customer by the name of Matt Haugh who owned a Jackson guitar. He dropped it off one day for Jennings to work on. Later, an old work associate asked Jennings if he had Matt Haugh’s Jackson. Jim mistakenly thought he said Madd Hoss Jackson and immediately pictured a big hairy guy, wearing a sleevless Harley t-shirt with tattoos and said “I don’t know anyone named Madd Hoss Jackson.” The man laughed and said that would be a cool band name. A few months later they started a band, and the rest is history!